Automation System for Company Registration

Upon the Prakas No.299 of the Ministry of Commerce issued before the coming year 2016, the merchants and commercial companies which have enterprise, branch, representative office, joint venture or agency in Cambodia have to come for business registration via automation system of Ministry of Commerce (MOC) through Also, the information that has been filled out for applying and any documents of the owners of companies will be entered into automation system of MOC in electronic form. If they are not able to fill out the registration, they can come to officers of department of business registration for help. The companies will pay for the service at MOC. Base on article 3 of this Prakas, the documents for business registration are different from each type of registration such as for company registration, registration of branch or representative office, registration of partnership company, and registration of sole proprietorship enterprise. Furthermore, the owner of company has to clarify that all documents and information are correct without any fraud. If there has found any fraud, MOC will take action and owner will be punished in accordance with article 26 (new) and 43 (new) of Law on Commercial Rules and Business Registration and Law on Amendment. The payment of service fee to state budget will be made through electronic system of the bank as set in Joint Prakas between MOC and (MoEF). This Prakas is implemented from 4 January 2016.