Requirement of Re-Registration of Company in Automation System

With its Prakas No. 300 issued in December 2015, the Ministry of Commerce requires all the companies which had been registered before 04 January 2016 have to re-register in the automation system of Ministry of Commerce (MOC) via website: to change and utilize of data through electronic system. After registration, they will receive business registration number and new certificate that will be sent via this new system without validity limit.

Moreover, the new registration will be started from 4 January to 31 March 2016 without any payment. The companies that have not registered in this period of time, they shall be a reserved name in system to avoid the loss of name. It is valid for 3 months and can delay for 3 months further without payment. However, if they are not able to fill out the registration, they can come to officers of department of business registration for help.

All the companies still come to re-register until 30 June 2016 with full payment. In addition, the MOC will send letter to Ministry of Economy and Finance (MoEF) to set the tax obligations and send to the court with legal procedure. The payment of service fee to state budget will be made through electronic system of the bank as set in Joint Prakas between MOC and (MoEF). At the same time, the payment receipt must be kept as evidence. For requesting officers filling the registration, the companies will pay for the service at MOC.