Why BRD Law Office?

Duly registered with the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia, BRD Law Office provides a comprehensive range of legal services and solutions for domestic, regional and global clients, including local and multinational corporations, financial institutions, public sector and non-governmental organizations. The office is reputed as a leading one in the Cambodia. Regional, International and cross-border work forms an important part of our business. Our professionals are recognized leaders in their respective fields by various publications and industry watchers.

We have ambition to be Excellent in all what we do. We are committed to provide the services to our clients, in the high standard of quality with our professionals, experienced, capable, proactive and responsible.

Better, reliable and dedicated services and professionals are our key objectives allowing us to serves effectively and efficiently our clients. Since the establishment, BRD Law Office has close relations with other regional and global consulting firms and other industries, and with that we work regularly for cross border inquiries.

Our Philosophy

01 Better client service - Our practice and approach is to handling client matters with high quality. We treat every case as priority and if it is our most important matter that we have before us.

02 Reliability and honesty - With integrity and strength, we keep our word and promises and tell you the truth even things you may not want to hear. Honesty also extends to our professional and our billing policies.

03 Dedication to the importance of relationships - We value the relationships that we have built with our clients and we are committed to build strong, long term client relationship.

04 Affordable cost - We offers high quality legal services economically at the most reasonable cost to our client. In this regard, continued education of our attorneys contributes to the achievement of this goal.